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gEt into trouBlE 后面怎么+动词,请造句

a sea of troubles 困难重重 ask for trouble [口]自讨苦吃 be a trouble to 对...是一个麻烦(或讨厌的人) be in troubles with 和...闹纠纷 bear sb.'strouble on one's back 替某人担当责任 borrow trouble 自寻苦恼; 杞人忧天 don't trouble ...

have trouble 后跟动词ing形式。 have trouble doing 有麻烦 双语对照 例句: 1."People have trouble doing classic exercises like squats," he says

1.have trouble in 有困难, 费事 I have some trouble (in) reading the letter. His handwriting is very bad. 我读这封信很费劲, 他的字很差. 2.have trouble with 有病痛, 因…苦恼 She is having trouble with her teeth. 她牙齿痛. 同…闹纠...

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