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wE'll=wE will怎么读


we,ll=wewill是什么意思 we will 的缩写形式是we'll 意思是 我们将要 we,ll=wewill是什么意思 we will 的缩写形式是we'll 意思是 我们将要

读的时候需要在尾音价格“哦”。 详细音标看下面: we'll [英][wi:l][美][wi:l] (we shall或 we will 的常用口语形式); they'll [英][ðeɪl] abbr. they will 他们将;



we will 我们将 例句: 1、We will finally have to redefine our relationship with neighbouring states in North Africa. 我们最终将不得不重新界定我们和北非邻国的关系。 2、Come the election on the 20th of May, we will have to decide...

有多种意思: 1.If you want to output an integer or other types as we'll see. 如果你想输出一个整数,我们将学习到的其他类型。 2. With all of the new devices coming out at CES and the new OS on the horizon, we'll see. 谷歌将在消费...

你我都会明白 【网络释义】 We'll see塞翁失马;再说吧;你我都会明白;喜欢他的口头谗 Well,we''ll see.我们走着瞧 We'll see.再说吧;看看怎样;咱们走着瞧 before we'll see之前 We'll see about that等着瞧吧 We'll see you then再见 And we...

你好! we'll改成完全形式是we will。。。。。。,意思是我们将。。。。。。

是we will 的缩写 意思是:我们将要……

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